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Into The Weave,​ Lavit Gallery, Cork

Linn, (Us), oil on canvas 100x120x4cm 

Finely detailed oil painting of swirling silk in human skin tone colours, piled high upon a reflective surface, causing the scene to mirror and double. Titled Linn ( Irish language word for us). Size: 100x120x4cm.

Twenty One,

Mermaid Arts Centre 21st Birthday Celebration

15 July - 30 September 2023

Hung up on you, oil & gampi tissue on canvas, 80x80x4cm 

High colour oil painting of silk in torquoise, yellows, pinks and greens, depicting a cartogam of Earth, with a working QR code that brings you to a video of Earth turning, filmed from the ISS. Hung up on you, oil and gampi tissue on canvas, 80x80x4cm

RHA  200th Anniversary Exhibition

Ballgown, oil on canvas, 80x80x4cm 

Oil painting of silk printed with a cartogram and arranged on a reflective surface. The globe is attached to the silk, but in the reflection, it is suspended alone, a planet in the universe. Ballgown, oil on canvas, 80x80x4cm
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